Upper Secondary School (Abitur)

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Klax Schule | Gymnasiale Oberstufe

Your Qualification for University Studies

Our students can prepare for the Abitur from grade 11 onwards. They obtain the Abitur, the general qualification for university admission, which enables them to study at university. The qualification phase in years 12 and 13 is preceded by a one-year introductory phase at year 11, in which pupils deepen and expand the skills they acquired in secondary level I.

At the Klax School, we attach great importance to ensuring that no pupil leaves our school without a qualification. Therefore, we offer an individual learning consultation in which the young people are optimally prepared for the Abitur exams. Our students are very well prepared for their exams, for which our subject-specific learner-centred environments have proven to be very effective. Furthermore, the subject teachers provide regular afternoon tutoring sessions that make a significant contribution to exam preparation.

Innovative, Curious and Future-oriented

The learn families of the upper secondary school at Klax consists of 50 students. We offer a high level of methodological competence and excellent professional support for every student. The qualification phase in grades 12 and 13 is preceded by a one-year introductory phase in grade 11, during which the students deepen and expand their skills. Our teachers pay great attention to students' personal circumstances and learning difficulties (attention deficit disorder, LRS, dyscalculia, etc.) so that they have the opportunity to graduate successfully.


  • Individual specialist focuses: Choice of basic and advanced courses
  • Individual learning counselling and intensive support
  • Political Science, Philosophy and Performing Arts are optional subjects on the timetable
  • Students can use our own school library
  • The learning studio allows students to independently deepen their knowledge of topics covered in lessons
  • Bring Your Own Device: In-house WLAN to research instruction-related information on the Internet

Varied Projects


The timetable shows a change between instructive and active learning phases. The times for our meals together - breakfast, lunch and snack - are also integrated into the timetable.

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Get to know us on one of our Open Days. We will show you the class rooms, present our educational concept and explain our project work. Self-organised learning, modern media education, and the perfect class sizes from primary school to graduation. Find upcoming events here.

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Thank you for your interest in Klax School! You can register your child without obligation at our school using the online registration form. Registration is possible for all years at any time in the current school year, provided there are still places available in the desired period. We will inform you about the next step in the application process after we have reviewed the information.

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