Our Encounter Week 2020: We!

As every year, we started the first week after the summer vacations with an Encounter Week, in which we strengthen our social community and get into the spirit of the coming year together. On Monday, the rooms of our school were filled with joyful reunions and getting to know each other again after a break. We studied the new timetables and prepared our logbooks. The next day, we were busy creating our portfolios for the school year and on Wednesday we elected our class representatives.

Our values for the coming year then emerged on Thursday: We talked about how we want to learn and live together. The crowning glory of this year's Encounter Week took place on Friday, when the playful "school competition" was held: All classes made a video on the topic "We!"

Many great stop-motion films were created in a joint effort. After all members of the school community had cast their votes, the winners were chosen: Congratulations to 3b (winning class of the primary school) and 7b (winning class of the secondary school)!

Of course, this encounter week was marked by the measures taken to contain the pandemic. With wit and cleverness, we  implemented the necessary measures and supplemented them with our own ideas. Already in the last school year, we built hand washing timers ourselves or designed sensors for measuring distance. This week, window stoppers were created on the 3D printer and from upcycled materials such as discarded swimming noodlesbecause we approach unusual situations with creativity. We are looking forward to the upcoming school year!