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Projects are of great importance at the Klax School. The project weeks, which take place several times a year, stand for school learning from a different perspective. The weeks are jointly designed and implemented by pupils and teachers in order to acquire new knowledge through practical action. This requires the creative power and ideas of each individual.

Our Projects at a Glance

We start each school year with a week of getting together: All classes get to know each other and their learning companions. The community grows together through games and activities and the teachers receive an initial assessment of the pupils' learning behaviour. A highlight of the week is the competition on Thursday: the class groups master challenging tasks that they can only solve together, such as baking cakes. Our galleries provide further impressions.

Great goals can best be achieved together and across disciplines. That's why we organize project weeks five times a year, during which our artistic focus always comes to the fore. The pupils analyse problems, work out solutions and present their results. The teachers support them in a partnership. Once a year there is a major theatre or musical project. Our galleries provide further impressions.

Once a year, the secondary and upper secondary school classes go on a several-day art tour. During this trip, the pupils are occupied with the works of an artist. They follow the creative artists' roots through their hometowns or places of birth and find out up close what makes them socially and artistically significant in the fields of architecture, fine arts, theatre or literature. During this time, the children of the elementary school are exploring nature in the Tipi-Camp. Our galleries provide further impressions.

In addition to the large-scale project weeks, we also organize project days on a regular basis. On a smaller scale, the students work on interdisciplinary topics or take joint actions. Project days are, for example, our annual sports festival or our participation in the nationwide reading aloud day. Our galleries provide further impressions.

We at Klax Schule value a strong sense of community. Regular classroom-wide celebrations strengthen the cohesion of pupils and teachers. At external events, such as the open day, we invite all interested people to get an idea of our school. Our galleries provide further impressions.


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