School Fees

The school fees consist of the tuition fee and the catering fee.

At the primary level, the school fees are € 580 per month (€ 6,960 per annum).

At the secondary level, the school fees are € 630 per month (€ 7,560 per annum).

We do not ask about your family income before offering you a school contract, and it does not have any bearing on whether we accept a student.


The school fees include:

  • At the primary level: breakfast, snacks, fruit/vegetables all day and drinks (tea/water). Lunch is funded by the Senate.
  • At the secondary level: breakfast, lunch, snacks, fruit/vegetables all day and drinks (tea/water),
  • after school programme, textbooks (excluding workbooks) and any necessary support classes.

The school fees do not include:

  • School trips, excursions, admission fees

Discounts on the monthly school fees (not including the fixed board rate)

  • A loyalty discount of 25% for every child who has attended a Klax daycare centre or school for at least one year and attends our primary or secondary level immediately afterwards.
  • Sibling discount for multiple school-aged children at the Klax School (after deduction of any loyalty discount that may have been granted):
    • 1st Sibling: 25 %
    • 2nd Sibling: 50 %
    • 3rd Sibling: 75 %

Exemption from school fees or school fee reduction

Families with a gross annual income of up to € 29.420 (Family income/income of dependents) may apply for a reduction of the tuition fee. Decisions are made by the Provider after a case-by-case examination. The catering fee included in the total price must always be paid. The request can be made at any time (to the Provider’s Customer Management Department), and it will be taken into account from the first day of the month following the month in which the request was made. Exemptions or reductions only apply for one school year or until the end of the same school year if the request was made after it started. The request must be renewed for every school year. Only complete requests can be taken into consideration.

Day-care unit

  • Visiting the day-care unit is compulsory in grades 1–4
  • The fees for the day-care unit are specified in the official day-care voucher

If no day-care voucher has been submitted, use of the day-care unit will be charged at the rate of €430.00 per month.


  • Enrolment Fee: € 350,00 per child, due upon registration
  • Late Payment Fee: € 2,50

All prices are final prices, i.e. a possible value added tax is already included.

Last revision/valid from: 1st August 2022

Register now

Thank you for your interest in Klax School! You can register your child without obligation at our school using the online registration form. Registration is possible for all years at any time in the current school year, provided there are still places available in the desired period. We will inform you about the next step in the application process after we have reviewed the information.

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