How we organise our Distance Learning

Distance Learning

The Klax Schule, like all other Berlin schools, is currently converted to distance learning. Our learning community of students, teachers and parents is now faced with the challenge of maintaining the familiar daily structure in other ways and staying in touch with each other. Our school has been able to quickly organize itself in the last two weeks with helpful tools and the maintenance of common rituals. 

Morning circle by phone and webcam

Especially the younger children miss school life very much. They miss their friends and also their Learning Guides as contact persons. In order to provide stability, we pay special attention to the uncomplicated distribution of school tasks and individual support, as well as to the relationship work with our students.

Daily Schedules provide Structure

Fully Normal: Digital Lessons@Klax

We use digital media as tools in the classroom where they are useful and promote learning. Therefore, it is not a big deal for our students to organize their everyday school life using Tablet & Co.

Feedback from Home

It is important to us that students have the opportunity to present their learning outcomes and receive feedback at home. They regularly send photos or video clips and can get concrete feedback from the teachers about their learning progress.

Of course this new situation also presents us with new challenges. We learn and help each other: the entire teaching team searches for and finds solutions together. We are especially encouraged by the numerous positive feedback from students and parents.

Dear KLAX team!

...Thank you for your incredibly great commitment to support our children, both at school and as a human being.

You give us parents and your students a very important stability in the next weeks.

Stay healthy.

Your students and parents of Grade 8a :)

Our teaching staff is also enthusiastic about how creative and eager to learn our students are in dealing with this unfamiliar situation.

The highlight of the phone conversations was discovering that Lina, Gurnoor and Leo had a group Skype yesterday and that they all played piano together over Skype, very sweet.

THANK YOU to our learning community for the great cooperation and your cohesion!