We Support the All-Girls School Roschani

Sponsorship with All-Girls School Roschani in Afghanistan

Since 2017, the Klax primary school has been sponsoring the all-girls school Roschani in Ghazni (Afghanistan) with the goal of establishing and promoting international exchange between the two schools.

For the Informative Afternoon in November 2017, Klax Primary School presented the Afghan Women's Association with a first donation cheque of 1,600 euros. The students had previously organised an autumn market at our school. So the sum had been raised with the sale of all kinds of homemade and built autumn things.

The Klax primary school children also enclosed a letter with greetings and questions to the students of the Roschani girls' school with the cheque in order to initiate a lively exchange between the two schools.

A Ray of Hope in Dark Times

The private Roschani all-girls school on the outskirts of the provincial capital Ghazni is attended by about 500 girls from the city and from the surrounding villages. Often, the girls walk long distances by foot to participate. "Roschani" means "light" in the local language. The school was supposed to be a bright spot in these dark times when it was opened in 1999 with 20 students during the Taliban regime.

At that time, the school was founded with local initiative and, despite the persistent unrest, it has managed to stay open to this day. The Ministry of Education has recognized the registered Roschani school as a private school. At the beginning of 2017, the school moved into a new building to provide much better lessons in the well-lit, large classrooms.

Since the school ensures a high level of education, the Afghan Ministry of Education promotes the further education of teachers. This facilitates a broad high-quality education for the students. Some of the graduates of the Roschani all-girls school are now studying agricultural science, business administration, journalism, literature and pedagogy or are training to become a nurse or midwife.

Second Donation 2018

As part of the autumn project week in November 2018, our students once again organised an autumn market for families, friends and relatives, where the results of numerous projects were sold for a good cause.

The campaign raised a fantastic sum of 3,957.05 euros, which we proudly and joyfully donated to the Roschani Girls' School. Sandy Kaltenborn, who works for the Afghan Women's Association and thus supports the contact to our sponsoring school, visited us for the ceremonial handing over of the cheque.

The Afghan Women's Association e. V.

The Afghan Women's Association (Afghanischer Frauenverein e.V.) makes our commitment possible and bears all the costs of the school. Only in this way can the lessons be free of charge for the Afghan schoolgirls. They receive a school uniform and school books, exercise books and pens twice a year. The association was founded in 1992 by Afghan women living in Germany to help the people of their country. Today the association has more than 400 members and supporters.