World Clean Up Day @ Klax School: Think Globally – Act Locally

At this year's World Clean Up Day Berlin from the initiative wirBERLIN, students and teachers from the Klax School participated in the initiative again with different activities.

At nine locations across Berlin-Pankow, the secondary school not only ensured greater cleanliness on site with its litter collection campaigns, but also called for greater participation and a sense of responsibility. The primary school collected garbage on the streets near the school and delivered it to a collection point: Here it was sorted, weighed, logged and evaluated.

Furthermore, one class visited the interactive exhibition "Zero Waste" at Steinplatz in Charlottenburg. There were many educational activities about food waste, upcycling and alternatives to avoid waste in their own everyday lives. You don't have to be a packaging expert or waste researcher to live more sustainably.

The topics waste pollution and waste avoidance are taken very seriously by the students. Further actions and projects are planned on the basis of the results of the waste collection evaluation from the World Clean Ip Day. In total, about 350 students collected in the Pankow district. During the activity on 18.09.2020, approx. 140 kg of waste was collected in parks and on the streets.