World Clean-Up Day 2021

Big garbage collection campaign of our students

On 17th September, all classes swarmed out to collect trash around the school and in various parks in the city. The action took place as part of the World Clean-Up Day. World Clean-Up Day is a worldwide day of social action aimed at ridding the environment of litter. It takes place on the third Saturday in September. According to the initiators, more than 20 million people in 180 countries participate every year.

All classes of the Klax School divided into small groups and by areas and started - equipped with grabbers, garbage bags and gloves - directly after breakfast. Until noon, they collected empty bottles, picked plastic bags from hedges and picked up crown caps from the ground. Afterwards, they returned to the school, where students from the 10th and 11th grades were already ready to receive the bulging bags. They weighed and documented the trash. Later, everyone was very proud of the results: the students collected a total of 272 kilos of trash, including 4.7 kilos of metal, 66.3 kilos of plastic, 13.4 kilos of glass, 183 kilos of residual waste and 4 kilos of paper.