Visit from the Afghan Women's Association

Round table with Dr. Qamar Kaltenborn

Besuch vom Afghanischen Frauenverein

The school team was particularly pleased to welcome Dr. Qamar Kaltenborn (photo: 2nd from right) among the guests of the autumn market. She is a doctor and has been on several project trips to Afghanistan on behalf of the association in recent years.

Student representative Sean Polzin (photo: right), parent representative Mrs. Amasheh (photo: 2nd from left) and Julia Steckhan, Coordinator for Openness, Diversity and Tolerance (photo: left) accompanied her on a tour of the market. Afterwards, Dr. Kaltenborn talked to students and parents and answered their questions about the Afghan Women's Association’s work. The Klax School participants in the small round of questions were very touched by the descriptions and impressions of the guest. As every year, the proceeds of our autumn market (6200 euros) were donated to the association.