Theatre project: "Plastian, the little fish"

On February 28, the pupils of Klax Primary School impressed their audience with an imaginative staging of the children's book "Plastian, the Little Fish". Parents, guests and present kindergarten groups clapped to the music, laughed at funny scenes and marvelled at the elaborate scenery. And maybe they also thought a little about their everyday behaviour, because in the play the children included them and sensitised them for environmental protection.

To this end, the primary school children worked together for a week on the play in the project groups dance, stage construction, set design, costume and props, acting, music, advertising material and recycling. They wrote texts, developed a play, and produced sets and costumes. So the whole Primary School worked together like a small theatre: The performance was planned together and tasks were distributed to the individual workshops. A documentation group accompanied the process of creation.

The guests received thunderous applause for the performance. We would like to thank the pupils and all the participating professionals and Learning Guides for their commitment!