Team days for primary and secondary grades

Team days at Klax School

Team games, trust, cohesion - at the team days of the coaching team "Schattenspringer", school classes learned to strengthen their class community. The experiential education programme consisted of joint activities and cooperative exercises. After some playful tasks, the pupils reflected on what they had experienced and learned.

In January, eight primary and secondary classes enjoyed a team day at our school. "Schattenspringer" brought exciting programmes for the different grades: The third grade students had to rescue each other on the open sea to an island and carry each other on a flying carpet. For the older grades, the focus was on communication and trust games. All exercises aimed at community and responsibility within the class. Through the playful tasks, the children were able to strengthen their social skills, cooperation and interaction. Especially important: All tasks could only be mastered through teamwork.

We thank "Schattenspringer" and look forward to their next visit!