RoboMaze: 2nd place for Klax students

In the RoboMaze competition, children and young people took on the challenges of autonomous driving. The pupils used learning robots to find out how actuators and sensors have to interact so that their robot can move independently through a maze.

As the youngest participants in the competition, Anton and Paul from 7b prevailed with their robot "Beatbots" and took second place. The prerequisite was a fast and functioning run through the course. The award ceremony took place on January 14, where they were each presented with a robot set as a prize by the Managing Director of the Motor Vehicle Guild, Mr Dieter Rau. Since Anton and Paul are members of the Robotics Club, this is the ideal prize.

As part of the award, another competition was launched: The "school-upcycling". The competition aims to give old electrical appliances a new function that makes everyday school life easier. This competition runs until the summer holidays. "The idea and implementation can therefore be ideally integrated into our Robotics Club and the Maker & Design course," says André Timm, head of the Makerspace.