Project days vocational preparation

On September 24th and 25th the team of Schule+ guested at Klax Schule. Together with class 9a and 9b they organized two project days around the topic of vocational preparation. It started with the talent course on Thursday, where different stations were set up in our makerspace and the artist studio. Here the students could find out their strengths and weaknesses and reflect on their abilities. In dream clouds, the students then described how they imagine their future standard of living and what they would like to achieve in their lives.

These wishes were put to the test the following day at the Reality Check: Which professional fields are there actually and how much money do you earn with which work? What qualification is needed for your dreamjob? The students researched and presented various job descriptions, combined characteristics of animals with their personality and tried to transfer these to professions. In addition, they compared their desired life models with the actually necessary requirements for this. With this knowledge, the students are now starting their internship weeks after the autumn vacations.