Police educates about cyberbullying

Digital media, social media platforms and messenger services have long been part of our everyday lives. Especially in pandemic times, social exchange between young people takes place online. But the internet also has its dark sides: Insults, threats or defamation are on the rise in the virtual space. This form of bullying, so-called cyberbullying, can affect anyone. But young people are particularly affected. That's why the Berlin police regularly educates schools on the topic of media safety and dangers on the internet.

Educational work also takes place at our school: On 20 January, 5th and 6th grade students discussed bullying on the internet with the police in two workshops. After an introductory film, the groups talked about the right to one's own image, offensive texts or aggressive chat messages. Especially important: How can one protect oneself from cyberbullying? The children discussed what those affected can do and how to defend themselves against digital attacks with vivid examples. The police also explained about criminal offences and their consequences and correct behaviour in social networks. The chief inspector also gave the classes important information about telephone numbers and suitable contact persons.

We thank the police for their important educational work and their visit to our school.


Bildquelle: Collage Vektor erstellt von rawpixel.com - de.freepik.com