Literature project week 2019

The last school week of the year at our school was dedicated to the written word. The classes devoted themselves to various stories, narratives, reports, poems and of course books and completed a wide variety of projects, most of which were connected to our annual theme of sustainability. On the last day of school all parents were invited to marvel at their children's work in a christmassy atmosphere.

Many classes of the Primary School dealt with certain animals and made up, wrote down and illustrated stories from their perspective. In our Welcome Classes, for example, a lion was the focus of attention and the 4th Grade put itself in the shoes of a polar bear to write a diary from his perspective. The 5th Grade dealt with marine pollution and wrote a letter to the UN, which they were finally able to hand over personally to Secretary General Heemann in the Berlin office of the "German Society for the United Nations".

The students from the Middle School got together in groups for various projects. For example, comics on the subject of environmental protection were created or a "newspaper from the future". We would like to thank all teachers and students for the great ideas and implementations during the 2019 Literature Project Week!