Limax - The newspaper from the moon!

As part of the 2019 literature project week, a group of 9th and 10th Graders created a fictional "newspaper of the future". To this end, the young people have studied journalistic forms of presentation and have thought about the current issues of our present 50 years ahead - under the premise that humanity will get a grip on the impending climate catastrophe.

For example, the headquarters of the editorial staff of the newspaper "Limax" is on the moon and reports in 2069 "about earth,moon and mars". The newspaper appears as a hologram, but this is not yet possible with our outdated technology, which is why in 2020 we will only be able to view the news of the future on the screen of our device for the time being. The topics span political news, technical innovations and leisure activities. In the texts, the young people deal with topics such as war, refugees and the environment, but also do not lack a pinch of humour.

Read the daily edition of "Limax" from 19 December 2069 here (German)!