With Design Thinking to a digital drink dispenser

Workshop Stimmungsbild

In the next few weeks, we will be working on an exciting product at our school: a digital drink dispenser. As a prelude, we visited the GFBM Academy, a non-profit consulting and further education company, on 3 May with the entire 11th grade and some students from the 12th grade. The aim was to develop a digital drink dispenser for schools with the help of design thinking methods.

In the workshop, the students learned to put themselves in the shoes of different user groups, from athletes to water-with-a-flavour lovers, and to derive requirements for the product. The inner workings of a manually functioning water dispenser were made available for further development. The project was then handed over to the Klax school and offers opportunities for both art elective classes to develop product designs and computer science classes to control IoT and sensors. Depending on the project outcome and the interest of the students, there is the possibility to get in touch with a Berlin water dispenser company and turn the product ideas into reality. We are already very excited about the result!