Looking forward to school: Common Craft video for the first day of school

Kinder im Klassenraum


To make the transition from nursery to school a successful one, the media educators from Kita Regenbogenhaus and Klax School came up with a special project. By creating a Common Craft video on the topic of "First Day at School", the pre-school children had the opportunity to playfully discover their new classrooms and technical possibilities. They were also able to explore the feelings that the transition to school brings: anticipation, curiosity - but perhaps also some tension as a new stage begins. The art of "Common Craft" consists of sliding symbolic figures and images under a running camera, the sequence of which tells a story that is subsequently set to music by the children. Stories developed together were brought to life by the primary school pupils with a lot of fun. All the symbolic pictures were created by the children themselves. A positive experience between primary and pre-school children not only enables them to get to know each other, which makes the first day of school easier through a friendly reunion, but also helps the pre-school children to associate positive emotions with the new learning environment. All of this makes it easier to get started on a new developmental task. Dive into the story - we hope you enjoy watching the video!

We extend a warm welcome to our first graders and wish them an exciting start full of surprise, fun and joy at school!