Preventive distance learning

Due to rising incidences, we are switching to distance learning as a preventive measure at the Klax School.

The current rising case numbers of the Corona pandemic show that the new omicron variant is also spreading rapidly in Berlin. In order to prevent further infection at our school and to protect the health of our students and teachers, we have decided to partially switch to distance learning at the Klax School. We are doing this as part of our pandemic emergency plan and in coordination with the Berlin Senate Administration. As one of 18 schools participating in the Berlin Senate's hybrid learning school trial, we have both the technical prerequisites and the appropriate teaching and learning concepts to fully maintain teaching in this difficult situation for all involved.

Already in the last 1.5 years of the Corona pandemic, we have shown that we are able to provide excellent teaching outside of the classroom. Due to our strong school community and our innovative pedagogical concept, parents can be sure that students are continuously supervised and optimally supported by our dedicated teaching staff when learning at a distance at Klax School. Most recently, our commitment in this area was recognised with the nomination for the German School Award Special 20/21.

Within the framework of distance learning, we can enable teachers who are currently in isolation and/or quarantine to continue their teaching. In addition, we prevent a further spread of the infection. Our school remains open during the distance learning period. In addition to emergency care and face-to-face learning for children whose parents cannot arrange distance learning for family or work reasons, we offer open workshops for project work as well as afternoon opportunities for artistic and creative activities in face-to-face. Our school cafeteria also remains open. The classes that are in distance learning meet once a week at the school to maintain the social community. For classes 1-3 as well as all graduating classes (6, 10 and 13), classes will be held in attendance as before.

Although we appreciate the benefits of face-to-face learning for the individual development of the students and the strengthening of the school community, our first priority is to maintain the teaching. "In the current situation, we are sure that we can best ensure this by switching to distance learning," says Peter Jepsen, headmaster of Klax School. "Of course, we are happy to show others how we implement qualitative distance teaching that is geared to the needs of families. We look forward to any exchange."

Read more about the school trial "Hybrid Learning" on the page of the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family.