Our vernissage at the Klax Kinderkunstgalerie - a huge success!

It finally happened last Friday. The Klax Kinderkunstgalerie (Children's Art Gallery) invited school children and parents to the official opening of the exhibition "When the Lion Eats the Lamp". From 19th March to 7th May in the rooms of the Klax Kinderkunstgalerie (Children's Art Gallery), the Klax Community School will exhibit artworks created in the workshops and studios of the Klax School over the last one and a half school years.

The major themes - people, animals and emotions - has always inspired pupils of the Klax School to express themselves artistically. The exhibition gives visitors an insight into the many works of art created under professional guidance.

The objects, drawings, paintings and sculptures show in a playful way what is possible with the different arts and crafts techniques.