Open day on September 21st 2019

With the catchy rhythm of the Queen classic "We will Rock you", pupils of the Klax School welcomed their guests. Many families took part in the guided tours through our house on this day and were surprised by the many offers waiting for them.

Teachers and pedagogues answered all questions and advised the parents and their children. But the Klax School is not about talking - it's about trying out!

In the creative rooms, such as the Makerspace, the studio, the graphic design room or the music room, the guests became active and creative. Another big hit was the green screen, which took children and adults into a wide variety of landscapes.

Pupils of the Klax School also got involved and presented their rooms and their everyday learning life to the visitors. Thus, for example, one could participate in the lessons of the Upper Secondary Level: The Physics Course dealt with torque, angular momentum and rotation principles using the mechanics of a bicycle. In the art studio, life-size heads were potted and their detailed facial expressions were impressive.

The annual topic of sustainability was not neglected either: more than 200 Euros were collected. The money will be used to pursue the project goal of the 5th Grade, which won the school competition of the first term week: they would like to have trees planted from it.