7th Grade: Art trip to Hamburg

Hamburg - A Port City in Transition

We went back in time! In a warehouse dating from 1888 in the "Speicherstadtmuseum", the students selected coffee and sorted out "stinky beans".

Equipped with GPS and walkies, they then went on a harbour job rally and explored the jobs of a modern harbour city. They loaded entire container ships in the Discovery Docks mixed-reality experience world thanks to 3D glasses. And at customs they searched for illegal goods. They also looked into the flora and fauna of the port and followed the transport of all kinds of goods from all over the world.  

Of course we did not miss a visit to the Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall. A harbour tour and a ferry trip to the Elbe beach are also part of an proper Hamburg tour.

Finally, we visited the Greenpeace headquarters in the "Speicherstadt". Here the students learned more about the history and work of the organization and visited the current exhibition. The activists on site answered all questions of the young people.