Project trip to Prague

Gruppenfoto Prag


For our class 8a, the destination of the project trip was the "golden city" of Prague. After the bus journey, arrival and moving into the accommodation, the students started directly in the historical centre of Prague and gained a first impression of the city, which was deepened during a historical city tour. The project trip focused on Prague's history of the 20th century - therefore, the visit of Prague Castle, the National Museum and the Jewish quarter were in the focus. Prague Castle, with its palaces and ecclesiastical buildings in various architectural styles, is one of the city's most important cultural institutions. No wonder, then, that the students were amazed by the scale of the complex. In the National Museum, the classes immersed themselves in the history of the Czech lands and were able to learn about the development of cultural areas and also the living conditions of the population in the 20th century. In the Jewish Quarter, they visited the important synagogues and the old Jewish cemetery to learn more about Jewish culture in the Czech Republic. With many new impressions and a lot of knowledge, they returned to Berlin.