Half-yearly Robot Competition

Mädchen mit Roboter

Traditionally, both events - exhibition maker fair and robot competition - take place at the same day and are considered one of the highlights of the school semester. With the robot knockout. Competition kicked off the second half of the event on 1 July from 1pm. The sumorobot-match is a sport event where two robots push each other out of a circle lying on the ground, similar to sumo wrestling. With their self-programmed and self-built robots the teams of our classes 1-12 started. Team spirit and collegial tinkering are two of the principles of our Makerspace. Joint, playful development instead of competition – that's why the robot competition is held in traditional Japanese courtesy. In advance of each match the two competing teams will greet each other with a friendly "sumo".

Both the Maker fair and the subsequent robotics competition were very well received by the students. Once again,   young people of different ages were inspired to immerse themselves in the world of programming and design and to creatively implement their own ideas.

We are looking forward to next semester and are excited about new robot creations!


Rückblick auf den Roboterwettbewerb vom 01. Juli 2022

Eindrücke vom Wettbewerb